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I don't have a ton to say about session #3. Which is why I'm posting it over a week late. It went fine! I went back to my old pre-tattoo ritual of actually making sure I got enough sleep and not drinking the night before, and it helped a LOT. Or maybe it was because I bumped myself up to two thirds of a muscle relaxer instead of half. Or maybe because this session wasn't giant fields of solid black, so the skin wasn't getting reworked as much. Or I sat three instead of four hours. The pain was a LOT more manageable than last session, anyway. The panther and snake heads are both finished, which is pretty exciting. It also means that the most exciting part of the tattoo is done, so I think next sessions results won't feel as dramatic, just creeping towards completion. I'm guessing three more sessions? ~10.5 hours in and halfway done.

In general I think I spent the whole trip exhausted--I left right after moving both of my roommates in, and in the middle of a litho project--and I'm not super looking forward to the next one either. I'm too busy to abscond to New York every month!! Seriously guys, I don't know if I've ever been this busy--I'm putting in six twelve-hour days a week and going out a lot. I think I need to cut back on the bar-going, as I'm having a hard time fitting in drawing and the gym. My abs are gone and I'm eating like shit because I'm on the clif bar and takeout diet, and I noticed rather grumpily Friday that even though I'm spending thirty hours a week "doing art," 95% of litho is fussy craft. I basically do one drawing and trace it a bunch of times. So yesterday I painted a wolf and felt better. Not complaining about the busyness either--I don't think I've EVER had as much satisfaction from what I'm doing before. My Latin class is enjoyable and Myth is very much my job that is 'just a job,' and even if it is keeping me from doing some of the shit I like to do, spending 30 hours a week in the print lab is AWESOME. If you want me to talk your ear off, just ask me about printmaking.

The roommate situation is working out pretty well--the cats are definitely happier, and it's just nice to have people around. We all cook, so the food situation here is pretty awesome. The place is coming together, and I think taking this place back and a couple roommates was a way better move than another shitty studio. And my rent is now $395. I was talking about jobs with Abby last night, and I'm pretty sure the cost of living/quality of life I have in Columbus is probably going to keep me here a while. Yep, I fell into THAT trap. Getting out of Columbus has seemed a lot less pressing lately, anyway. Though it's still summer here somehow, and my mood might change the second the weather gets crappy.

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